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Dress Attire

 CSD has their own site where you can purchase all of your class needs! This is the only website where the CSD Class uniform can be purchased.

2022-2023 Information Coming Soon!



Hair for all dance classes must be securely pulled back, away from the face and off the neck. Ponytails and buns are highly recommended. If a male student has long hair, please secure it away from the face. 


  • How to do a Proper Dance Bun: Pull hair back into a ponytail and fasten with a ponytail holder. Twist the hair into a tight spiral and wind it around the holder in a circular path, securing it with bobby pins or hair pins as you go. Cover the bun with a hair net and anchor the net with pins. Hair spray and securely clip back any stray hair strands and bangs. 


Please keep all jewelry to a minimum. No large earrings, necklaces or bracelets. 

CSD Company Dancers

Find your dress code & shoe requirements ​by logging in to your Company Portal. Click Here

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