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CSD Company

CSD is the home of the National and World Winning Championship Team!


Our Company Program creates a total dance education where the experiences last well beyond high school years.  We believe the discipline of dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment and hard work which will carry them through life experiences. Our goal is to educate the minds, bodies and souls of our students and teach them the skills needed for a successful life.


We want our dancers to focus on doing their personal BEST, not winning. For us, competition will always be about motivating, inspiring, and educating kids in a positive environment. At competition, we will receive constructive criticism from experienced, knowledgeable judges with different backgrounds, and we will use this feedback as a basis for improvement and growth! One of the primary goals of our faculty is to teach life lessons and skills that offer children the best chance for success. 


Whatever future our dancers choose, they will have the dance technique and professional life skills to take with them. 


We are extremely proud of our teams and are ranked Top 5 in the world. These programs are designed for the dedicated and serious dancer.

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